Healing Initiation 

In cases of illness and serious situations we offer the healing initiation, to be received by the person in needed, on the 15th day of every month at 11:00 pm, according to the procedures described below.

This is a special treatment, aimed to assist the receiver in her/his healing process. It does not enable the initiate to channel energy (being a Reiki practitioner).

We do not promise a cure of any disease or illness, however this initiation can happen like an inner catalyzer process, needed on behalf of the person’s change or overcoming, according to her/his merit, to be determined by the universal cosmic laws.

We emphasize to keep your therapeutic treatment recommended by the physician, or seek conventional medical care if you haven’t already done it.

In the days prior to the initiation:

- The Reiki 5 Principles should be observed;

- We request you to reduce the meat intake and any animal food, which we recommend to keep it after the initiation as well. Click here to read the reasons for eating that way and here to see recipes and suggestions;

- See other stuff about the subject; 

- Avoid harmful habits such as alcohol, cigarettes and other psychotropic medications.

 On the ceremony day:

- Check this page for the appropriate local time, effective for the initiation;

- Disconnect from your daily routine as soon as possible;

- Notify the family members who will participate in the ceremony, asking for their cooperation;

- If suitable, make a brine (salt-water) and bath from the neck down, after your usual hygiene;

- We suggest you to use incense or oil essences;

- Stay preferably under half-light, such as candles or lamp;

- At the scheduled time (11:00 pm or earlier), relax your physical body and quiet your mind; play the audio conducting to the Blue Temple, being in a receptive and confident attitude. Try to maintain that position for at least 30 minutes (up to 11:30 pm), preferably lying down. If needed, there’s no problem changing position during the ceremony.

The Reiki initiation is somewhat very personal, and each individual can experience differently. The most common feelings are the crown and heart chakras expansion and the warming or enlargement of the hands, during or after the event. This is caused by reactions on the physical level of energy applied during the process. If you fall asleep during the initiation it doesn’t means that something was missing, or the ceremony was not successfully done. Often, when we fall asleep, we weaken our ties with the physical body, therefore we can visit another plans, receive guidance there, attunements or some other procedures that our Masters (personal) would find necessary.

At the end of the suggested time, please be thankful to the Universe.